Telling the story of Puglia Estates means telling over ten years of passion, commitment and courage. It means to explain the charm that this land, Salento, has on men and women who, conquered by its beauty, come back and decide to plant new roots right here. Puglia Estates creates places that make you feel the deep sense of home, home, to those who come from afar, most from abroad. This was the work of the architect of Salento Elio Resta and the London interior designer Nigel Paul Wilson. They did it together, giving life to a community that is forever growing and that animates historical centres, marinas and countryside, from north to south of Salento. Two different personalities and skills, a guarantee of perfection and quality in the restoration of old buildings. The houses of Puglia Estates are extraordinary, elegant, essential, respectful of history and at the same time open to the whole world. On the other hand, they are intended for professionals from different countries who seek refuge, a place to find their soul.

Puglia Estates is a real lifestyle that is manifested within the most beautiful structures of the region that are reborn thanks to the creativity of Elio and Nigel. Together with their team of local workers who work in synergy and for a common goal: to create beauty. Because Puglia Estates brings light into places that rediscover new life. Gives splendor to homes for too long empty and silent to see them then lived and loved. When Puglia Estates creates your home, it listens to you, knows you and understands what you dream of. Pride is to succeed in realizing your dreams. Make you feel good in the objects of your daily life. For all this Puglia Estates has become a point of reference for life, as well as for the restoration of ancient buildings.